PEL Power Ltd. is promoted by Patel Engineering Ltd. (Patel), one of the leading and respected engineering and infrastructure companies in India with more than 61 years of experience in civil construction activities and contracting. Patel Engineering’s strategy has been to constantly focus on high margin projects especially those which are technologically challenging to accomplish. Its core competence lies in the construction of Hydro power projects, Irrigation and Water supply projects, and Transportation.
has carved a niche in developing hydro projects. It has till date executed projects with more than 7000 MW out of the 32,000 MW of Hydro power projects executed in India. Its strength in Hydro has been the construction of Dams and Tunnels. Patel has also capitalized its experience in Hydro projects to successfully bid and execute various Lift irrigation projects in several states in India, the most being in Andhra Pradesh. Patel’s focus on Transportation has been the construction of several Roads, Bridges, Railway/Road Tunnels etc. With time, Patel has also used sophisticated technology like Mass Block Blasting, Roller Compacted Concrete and Micro tunneling has proven its expertise in the same

About PEL Power

PEL Power is a fully owned subsidiary of Patel Engineering Ltd., the main holding company for all the assets of the Patel Group.

PEL Power Ltd. was originally incorporated as Prachetas Power Generations Pvt Ltd. The name was changed on to PEL Power Pvt. Ltd and then to PEL Power Limited with the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai, Maharashtra. The registered office of the Company has also been shifted to Hyderabad w.e.f 1st Aug 2009.